Advanced Email Extractor (AEE) is designed to extract email addresses from web pages on the Internet (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks. AEE supports operation through a proxy server and works very fast, as it is able of loading several pages simultaneously, and requires very few resources. It is possible to launch AEE in fully automatic mode through the command prompt.

AEE has various limiters of scanning range, using which you can extract only the addresses you actually need from web-pages, instead of extracting all the addresses present there. You can not only limit scanning depth and width, you also can cut off unnecessary paths using patterns or just delete them from jobs list during operation.

AEE is very flexible and may be used to extract e-mail addresses with owners real names from "simple sites" as well as from web-forums built on scripts and from servers like ZDNet. Also you can use popular search engines (AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo, InfoSeek and many others).

Features not found in other email address extractors:

  • 330+ search engines from 36 countries
  • Two HTML parsers — Microsoft parser and built-in parser
  • Scripting technology to process found emails on fly
  • Very flexible plugins technology
  • Flexible limiters of scanning range
  • Command line mode to automize your work

Advanced Email Extractor


Advanced Email Extractor 2.87